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SKT Gold Mart -Gold Buyers in Chennai

SKT Gold Mart - Cash for gold T.Nagar is presently the foremost one stop destination old gold buyers in t nagar where you can get your gold’s real worth. The company has been successfully conducting operations of buying of gold for a little less than a century established in 2017, renowned for reliability, trustworthiness and dexterity in their dealings.

Being the pioneers in the gold industry we certainly have an advantage over others, the reason being assessing the purity of gold with the best rated German technology besides the old methods like the touch stone method or the liquid nitric acid method. And we also take your jewels as per old gold rate today.

Karat Gold Price (Grams)
24 5200
22 4700
21 4486
20 4272
19 4059
18 3845
SILVER 64.00
Live Gold Price, Platinum, Silver- Rate
Todays Gold Rate in Chennai,22/K,24/K Price

How It Works

Visit the SKT Gold Mart

Customers give their Gold to SKT Point for valuation

Stone Remove

We Remove dirt & Stones in Front of you.

Gold Valuation

Value, weight & purity of Gold is checked on advanced XRF machines in front of you

Gold Rate

Gold is valued as per the current market price

Get an Instant Payment

Get up to Rs 10,000 as cash. Amounts higher than Rs 10,000 instantly paid to your bank account via NEFT/IMPS/RT


SKT Cash for Gold | cash for gold


1. Valuation of your Gold
Multilevel scientific testing for exact Gold value only

2. Cleaning of your Gold
Cleans the Gold with High Quality machine to get accurate weight

3. Weighing of your Gold
Takes up to 3 decimals points (per gram) that are showing on the weighing scale

4. Gold rate
Uses current market rate

5. Melting of your Gold
Uses highquality crucibles which do not retain any Gold after melting

6. Mode of payment / invoicing
Up to Rs 10,000 given as cash. Amounts higher than Rs 10,000 instantly paid to your bank account via NEFT/IMPS/RT. Invoice is always shared.

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